Belgians are on a mission: E-commerce in Belgium growing fast

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An estimate of 5.69 billion euros which represents a 7% rise that has been spent online. According to eCommerce, the increase in both the number of online payments and the actual amount spent is already on its fifth year in a row. Sofie Geeroms, the Managing Director at BeCommerce said that “If e-commerce continues to grow at this rate, it looks as if we will break the magic barrier of 11 billion euros this year.” The most frequently purchased item online is travel in the last two years. Tickets for tourist attractions and events are the most popular online. Eight out of ten tickets for attraction are being purchased online. With the growing number of people making purchases of personal care and beauty products online makes “Health & Beauty” as one of the fastest-growing segments. There is a record of a 41% rise in spending from last year’s period. Online shoppers who said that they are satisfied with their shopping experience is approximately 90%. The most common advantages that online shoppers get are low prices of products and the convenience it provides since they are able to shop from home. However, there are also disadvantages of purchasing online which the customers are not happy about such as being obliged for advance payment, shipping costs, and the possibility of not receiving the goods or not having the best quality since you don’t get to hold and check the product. Approximately 90% of online shoppers say they are pleased with their shopping experience. Low prices and ease of shopping from home are of particular benefit to them; saving time is also an important reason to choose to shop online. Moreover, there are also items that shoppers are less excited about. The obligation to pay in advance, the shipping costs, and the fact that you can not reach the goods all tend to be the main disadvantages to distance shopping. Numbers explained in detail As our generation continues to advance, more people are choosing to utilize their smartphones to shop online rather than using desktop computers and tablets. Nearly half (47 percent) of the purchases are done using a laptop. Eighteen percent of online purchases were made through smartphones during the first half of the year. As far as payment methods are concerned, the most popular method of payment is still Bancontact online with a market share of about 39 percent. The second spot was taken by credit cards with 30 percent and third place goes to PayPal with 14 percent.

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