Building the Nation: An Introduction to Ethics, Governance & Citizenship (Hardcover)




It starts with the chapter “Getting Started with Freedom”. As a guide and a reminder that we’re a country. To become a country capable of meeting the challenges of the future, we can not avoid the past of separation from our homeland. The involvement of all the parties to the sovereignty of that state should be remembered. There is no hand that can be overlooked.


It must be remembered that Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj sought autonomy in the direction of stability. Although there are other nations that are more profoundly autonomous, they should not feel inferior but should be proud of the security of our founding fathers.


It’s certainly more challenging to challenge as a nation. Particularly for the younger generation. Some of my views on the challenge are summarized in the “Dynamic Economic Growth” section.

The important message I published was the potential of the state of Selangor as an economic powerhouse in Malaysia in general. Selangor was meant to have the creativity of a country. Only in this way can Selangor not only remain Malaysia’s most advanced state but also grow as a regional and global economic strength.

Collectively, it should be known that economic growth and change would not have been possible without fair distribution. We do not want to grow, but at the same time, we demolish our ideals in society. If this occurs, some type of design will be compromised and may cause long-term harm.

Similarly, our focus on international issues can not be avoided, and we must deal more carefully with wisdom. These include the threats of terrorists and religious extremists, who also want to persuade young people to join their violent campaigns.

Thus, the younger generation, in particular, should be more open-minded and make intellectual discussions a buffer against all militant groups who have seized and used “Islam” to justify their violent actions. My concerns and suggestions on how to shape the younger generation, especially the challenges for Muslim youth can be read in chapter three which touches on the concept and philosophy of the “Rah Alish Lil Alamin” in Islam.

Similarly, the formation of Malaysia as a nation will only be strengthened by the awareness of every citizen to respect the Malay language as the national language. Malay today has been fought not only among the Malays but has become a language that was championed by all races. It is here that the soul of a Malaysian nation will be shaped to make this homeland stand taller than the rest of the world.

It is my privilege to discuss, criticize, read and apply to future generations.


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